Coco Rocha is On the Cover and Pissed Off Too…

Coco Rocha is On the Cover and Pissed Off Too…

So Coco Rocha is on the Cover of Elle Brazil May Issue… but apparently she is pretty ticked off about the retouching of the image. See her statement below from her Tumblr….

“As a high fashion model I have long had a policy of no nudity or partial nudity in my photo shoots. For my recent Elle Brazil cover shoot I wore a body suit under a sheer dress which I now find was photoshopped out to give the impression of me showing much more skin than I was, or am comfortable with. This was specifically against my expressed verbal and written direction to the entire team that they not do so. I’m extremely disappointed that my wishes and contract was ignored. I strongly believe every model has a right to set rules for how she is portrayed and for me these rules were clearly circumvented.”

– Coco Rocha

I think she might be the only one that will be complaining about this one…

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