Fame Reality Check – Ms. NY and I Crashed the Macy’s Day Parade


Miss New York 2010, Davina Reeves decided to end her reign with a bang. “It’s the biggest parade in the world, and my sister and I were like, ‘Hey, this is my last weekend as Miss New York — let’s go out with a bang”.

Donning her crown and sash, she leisurely made her way onto the Miss USA float, and road along waving to the crowd, and soaked in the adulation of the Thanksgiving crowd. After some time, parade officials uncovered her ruse and asked her to depart, but there were no regrets for Reeves:

“It was the most daredevil thing I ever did,” she said.”We had a blast. This title is about growing, about being courageous and fearless . . . This was fun, and that’s what life’s about.”

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