Fame Reality Check… Marriage Terminated for Arnold and Maria

Fame Reality Check… Marriage Terminated for Arnold and Maria

People love a happy ending. Especially when it’s an against all odds, defying logic and circumstance version. In steps Hollywood to generate an endless array of movies that end joyously. I mean, when is the last time you saw a romantic comedy that ended bad? Now take this into consideration…all of these amazing and talented actors, you see portraying these roles that end with it all working out for the best, most commonly, do NOT have a happy ending of their own!

I was reminded of this once again this morning when I saw that the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are calling it quits after 25 years of marriage. Yet another Hollywood Marriage is down the tubes. This seemingly successful and longstanding union, has apparently ended surprisingly to many close to the couple. Imagine that, two ACTORS, convincing all around them that everything was peachy keen! Who better to fake it?

Their real life has just ruined the plot for one of the greatest Hollywood love stories in current memory. The story of a man that conquered the odds. Arnold migrated to America, and was a champion of bodybuilding, acting, business and politics.  Maria was the beautiful damsel that loved him, and stood united with him through it all. News flash people…. they are Famous, and the likelyhood of them surviving is even less than the normally dismal divorce rate. Behind the curtain of fame, The Terminator and his Bride got to live out their lives, under the watchful eye, of not only fans of actors, but the throngs of oglers focused on every move of the lives of politicians and their families. Politicians, yet another sad brand of Fame. Actors very commonly embrace the red carpet spotlight. Politicians (hopefully) , enter into their trade to make a change, and lead their communities to a better place. Not to have paparazzi fishing through their garbage to see where they fail personally, so they can discredit their job performance. The gift of Fame is not just reserved to actors, and Arnold is one of those rare individuals that got to experience it in both arenas. Him and Maria didn’t stand a chance!

There are too many examples of happy endings failing for the famous, especially regarding marriage. Who could forget Sandra Bullock accepting her Oscar, and thanking her loving husband Jesse James for standing by her. We all know how that ended (Worst Possible Case Scenario). The list is endless… Demi and Bruce, Tom and Nicole, Scarlett and Ryan, Tiger and Elin (Classic), Dennis and Meg, Brad and Jennifer… basically every famous person is divorced. All of these Cinderella tales of these recognizable people, that some of us root for even more then people we actually know, ripped apart by fame. Then they marry again and start all over.

I am sending my condolences to the marriage of Arnold and Maria. As always, most people were really rooting for a happy ending for you both. But Fame Sucks, and it ends in divorce.

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