Fame Reality Check – The Hollywood Walk of Shame & Charlie Sheen

Fame Reality Check – The Hollywood Walk of Shame & Charlie Sheen

So I have been really trying to stay away from this Charlie Sheen story. I write this Fame Sucks article, and this topic is just Too obvious. And then…my friend Sickamore posted a photo of Charlie Sheen’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and I just couldn’t stay away from it any longer.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame, is the absolute perfect example of why Fame Sucks so bad. When you see someone on television, at the ceremony to present them this “honor”, it appears very glamourous. The flashbulbs going off, the California Sunshine, and the sea of fans clamoring to get a glimpse of the well known Celebrity.

But…have you ever walked down Hollywood Boulevard and experienced this place for yourself?

Let me paint a picture of this Famous Destination for you. Have you ever visited the part of town that has the cluster of shady Discount Electronic stores, endless Bodegas, clothing racks for sale on the curb? Always some very creepy sales guy standing out front, with a bluetooth headset, trying to coerce you into shopping in his empty store? You know, the kind of place you could imagine being held captive and having your organs stolen while browsing for a new hookah pipe? OK, hold that image, and add Palm Trees. This is the strip where these Stars reside. Cracked sidewalks, cluttered with homeless people, street hustlers, and bumper to bumper traffic. It’s no place you would ever want to spend time if you knew the specifics beforehand….just like FAME.

I am not going into the specifics here about Charlie Sheen. If you do not know the details of this sordid affair, you are probably wisely ignoring it. Or you are one of the people finding humor in it. That’s fine too. He is just a guy who got famous, and made a Lot of money…but just so happens to be a Junkie as well. This will not end well for anyone involved. I am sure this situation has been going on behind closed doors for a very long time, but because Charlie Sheen generates a lot of revenue for a TV Network, so it was swept under the rug. Judging by the details of his partying ways, he is far from a rookie.

To summarize: The Hollywood Walk of Fame is as disheveled up close as the reality of living the life of a Famous person, and Charlie Sheen needs help. At least for his kids sake. He is no more than a junkie, that happens to be famous, so the world has total viewing access to the train wreck.

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