Fame Reality Check – Amber Rose

[slideshow]Fame Reality Check

I miss Amber Rose. Her former sugar daddy, Kanye West, one of America’s most successful and  insecure artists has been off the grid for some time. He had some really publicly embarrassing moments (See Taylor Swift and George Bush).  He decided to get up on a Delta flight from MINNEAPOLIS this weekend, and perform gold digger. I mean, Cmon Ye….how attention craved can one superstar be! He is back from PR hibernation, promoting his new album, and being seen everywhere.
Unfortunately, since an apparent breakup in June, he is without his partner in attention seeking crime, Amber Rose. I am actually a fan of Kanye’s music, but his public persona is pretty much painful to watch. At least Amber distracted you from that. Amber, wherever you are, please resurface soon, and confuse us with your insane fashion choices, and completely confusing beauty. And Kanye, I hope this time around therapy has helped you become more grounded (which may be what inspired you to sing for a plane full of Mall of America shoppers).

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