Fame Reality Check – Classic Hollywood Has Returned to the Red Carpet

In a society where paparrazzi media makes front page news on a daily basis, a much richer trend is being overlooked. Classic Hollywood style, sophistication, and class, has returned to the Red Carpet.

Not many people can truthfully say they are above taking a peek at pictures of famous people captured in candid moments. The publics interest in the stars of the silver screen is a big part of the reason that the film industry has had such tremendous success in our culture. But there was a time before anyone was photographed anywhere but the red carpet. A place for these artists to artistically express their fashion choices on their own terms, and it has produced a great deal of magical imagery.

The style that graces these events is reminiscent of an era almost forgotten. For both Women and Men, you can see your favorite celebrities posing on their way into an awards ceremony, or a premiere looking like they just climbed out of the Roaring 20’s. Their certifiable beauty is proof that it is not just skin that sells.

For the famous, they will still have to endure a camera stuck in their face as they do their grocery shopping, sneaking a cigarette in between takes, or the ever popular bikini shots during personal vacations with friends and loved ones. A horrible intrusion that most famous individuals must endure. So Fame still Sucks, but thankfully, that has not stopped them from returning to Classic Form.

Enjoy some beautiful moments for the Golden Globes…


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