Fame Reality Check – Johnny Depp is Ugly?

Fame Reality Check – I just don’t get it. Why are women always going on and on about Johnny Depp being ugly. I mean, Ugly is such a harsh word. I think he is good looking enough. Maybe I’m not the best judge. He does wear too much eye makeup, but he is a rock star of sorts. He hangs out with Keith Richards, and has his own Island. He has cool tattoos, has made some great films. Why are people so obsessed with him being ugly? Cut the guy some slack. I mean, he’s managed to date some really beautiful women, right? What is the barometer of good looks anyhow. I just don’t get it. Fame really sucks…Johnny Depp is human. Won’t someone step up and say something nice about the guy?

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3 Responses to “Fame Reality Check – Johnny Depp is Ugly?”

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  1. Ursula says:

    If only all other men were this “ugly”!!!

  2. BatB says:

    Ha! You’ve got to be joking. I have NEVER heard ANYONE say that! Women are always swooning over Johnny Depp! Can’t say I blame them, either! An AMAZING actor, with a (not that it should matter, but since you brought it up) FABULOUS face!

  3. Claudia says:

    Aside from wearing a bit more eye makeup than myself, the man is gorge. I love him. Oh right…and he’s also a fantastic actor.

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