Fame Reality Check – Kimberly Conrad Reality Show ?

So Hugh Hefner is engaged. The 84 year old Playboy Magazine mogul is set to marry the 24 year old Crystal Harris (qualifying for the rarely used Old Enough to be Your Great Grandfather).

Harris will be Hef’s third wife, prompting me to wonder, what happened to wife number 2? Kimberly Conrad, the mother of Hef’s two sons, who just recently divorced from Hef (after 20 years of marriage, half of them spent separated).

So after raising his two sons, this former cover model is single, and hopefully…ready to mingle. So I was thinking, what a great story line for America’s next reality star. Spurned Ex-wife of the worlds most famous playboy. Replaced by a 24 year old, while she is still only in her 40’s herself. Cooped up in some side hut on the Playboy Mansion property for years, as her prime slipped away (and Hef bedded every Bunny he could get his hands on). Who isn’t going to root for this woman?

Lets set her up in a mansion of her own, and bring in, say, 100 of the youngest, most handsome horndogs we can gather. Have them shower Kimberly with love, and Affection. America’s Most Eligible Cougar?  This is a great comeback story. This is the American Dream. I wonder if Hef would organize one of his popular “screenings” at the Mansion. Kimberly at a candlelit dinner, Kimberly for a romantic stroll on the beach, Kimberly getting a sun lotion rubdown by six guys with Six packs. Let’s dust the cobwebs off this beauty for every woman who has ever been divorced for a younger girl. I say one lust seeking contestant for every bunny Hef bedded since his 1989 nuptials.

Just a thought….Enjoy some photos…

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