Living Legend? Kim Basinger

Fame comes in many forms. Kim Basinger has a solid resume of work to her credit. Including various awards nominations and wins, she won the Oscar for her work in L.A. Confidential in 1997.

Basinger is probably better known for being one of the most relevant sex symbols of the 80’s and 90’s.

She was also one of the first popular targets for tabloid journalism in reaction to her high profile romances, and failed relationships. Does this all make her a Living Legend? You make the call…Vote Below



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3 Responses to “Living Legend? Kim Basinger”

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  1. Sickamore says:

    She fell off too quickly. She’s been famous for being famous for the last decade. But I guess she’s a legend for 9 1/2 Weeks alone.

    WIth all that said: I vote no

  2. I think it is hard to define what a Legend is…But if you have to categorize it, she is not a legendary actress, but she is surely a legendary sex symbol. In today’s Hollywood, if she was still a young woman, she would have opportunities in Fashion and in Commercial mediums that weren’t nearly as fruitful during the height of her fame. Her beauty far surpassed many of the woman successful in that world today. I think saying she fell off is key. Whatever her reasons for staying under exposed, it hurt her status. I vote No as well.

  3. Barbara says:

    Totally yes. She is a legend for looks, class, talent and integrity.

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