Time Machine… Keith Richards

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  1. sara says:

    dear keith- I have followed you/ loved the stones since ’78 as a young girl. I have read “Life”. Please give Anita more- she deserves so much more as mother of 3 of your kids and as such a tremendous influence on the band and hence, the rest of us. You would all not be where you are if it were not for her, in part. I believe Anni is the real love of your life and I think you feel the same. Sorry Patti, girls you came only after a very painful and mandated split-up. Keith, get your head out of your ass- if you only quit coke in 2006. WTF- you abandoned my girl in79, legal advice notwithstanding- she also continued to have issues thru the 80’s but you make it her fault she could not quit H when you did- this seems totally self serving as you continued shit nearly 20 years past your “cleansing”. You quit her and your family. She lost a child Keith, found him dead- you were not around- whatever the circumstances she was a mom who lost her child. Be a man and be good to her – she is so obviously your real mate for life.

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