The Adoro Lei Movement

As some of you may have noticed, Dear Damn Diary has taken on a new look. Our regeneration is part of a project called The Adoro Lei Movement. This spring, a new kind of eating and drinking establishment will open in New York City–Adoro Lei, a pizza and cocktail bar/lounge located at 287 Hudson Street.

I along, with partners Rick Froio and Joseph Primiano, had a desire to open a restaurant. I joined the team as a Creative Director, and the theme of adoration quickly became apparent.

The personalities involved in this project all inspire love, bonding, good times and general adoration for food, cocktails, music, and most importantly, people. The visual language posted on Dear Damn Diary is a direct representation of the culture we aim to inject into Adoro Lei.

Our incredible team is a major part of the passionate and exciting culture we’re building at Adoro Lei. Executive Chef Mario Gentile will serve some of the most delicious Neapolitan pizza from our wood-burning oven, along with Seafood Towers, delicious pasta dishes, salads and other extraordinary Italian delicacies. Gentile honed his skills as a child in his family’s restaurant in Brooklyn, and ventured to Rome, Italy to train under Michelin-star chef, Adriano Cavagnini of La Terrazza fame. He has received rave reviews for his work at Nove, and has some very new and exciting dishes planned for Adoro Lei.

Star Mixologist, Elayne Duff, will design our cocktails. Duff has been the head Mixologist for Diageo Wine and Spirits for the past seven years, creating cocktails for some of New York City’s finest restaurants, including Le Bernardin, Central Park Boathouse and Villa Pacri. Counting a James Beard Award to her long list of accomplishments, you may also recognize her from appearances on Bar Rescue.

Dear Damn Diary’s foundation has long been its fixation on the amazing art produced by today’s talents, so it was obvious that choosing an incredible artist to hang on Adoro Lei’s walls was vital. To that end, we will feature the work of Dessie Jackson, a budding artist who’s success is running wild. Her portraits’ viral success landed her features in magazines like Complex and JUMP. This led to work for The Hundreds brand (and a now impossible-to-get, sold out tee-shirt), as well as a cover art commission for Gilbere Forte. Since then, Jackson spends most of her time trying to accommodate her many requests, but luckily for us, she will is making a custom series for our restaurant and VIP Room that will depict our theme of adoration and good times to come.

In the Italian language, Adoro Lei translates into, “I adore her.” Our name represents our love and adoration for the people that will walk through our doors. Adoro Lei will be a place where you have unforgettable good times, good meals and total adoration for others – whether it’s a guest at your table, or a new friend at the bar. Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy watching as Adoro Lei takes form. There’s a Pizza Party Coming This Spring….

I Adore You All…. Michael DiBugnara


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  1. Elzbieta says:

    This place will be a dream 🙂

  2. Richard S. Piccola, CPA says:

    Best of Luck and Success!

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