The Arian Behzadi Interview … Doctor or Artist? He’ll Take Both…

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”.  Not many people make it out of childhood without being asked that question. Most people never figure out a career path they truly have a passion and talent for. So is not the case for Arian Behzadi. Unless he never had dreams of being a successful Artist or Doctor, then he is in luck. He caught my interest with his vibrant and unique collages. Then I learned he was merely 20 years old, and a full time student, working towards a future in the medical field…It was time for Arian to get in My Diary….

MD: Does getting recognition for your artwork make you question a future in Medicine, or are the two intertwined for you?

ARIAN BEHZADI: Being recognized for what I do is a wonderful feeling. There is an instant gratification to the world of art that I really love. People around the world have been so kind to me whenever I show new things I’ve made, and that is something that makes me much more inclined to focus more on my art than my studies sometimes. I feel that ultimately I will find a way to combine the two, but the long-term goals I have now are much more science based. I am hoping to attend medical school next fall, and selling artwork definitely helps pay for some of those expenses. Regardless of what I do, I am certain that art will be involved, integrally or on the side.

MD: Which field would you prefer to achieve great success in if you had to choose one?

AB: If I had to choose one, I would definitely like to have more success in the field of science and medicine. Although for the time being, I won’t have to
choose as I have figured out a nice little way of balancing the two.

MD: Can you explain your methods to us?

AB: I normally start out by finding an image that strikes me, whether it be from a book (medical, children’s, or magazine), or on the internet. I then
isolate a certain element in the image and put it against a different backdrop. I find that taking things out of context can give them an entirely
new meaning, one that is often surprisingly fitting. I also really like the result when I play around with different media.

MD: If you could read one persons diary, who’s would it be and why?

AB: It may sound strange, but I have always been fascinated by Charles Manson. Not that I advocate his ideology, but he just seems so absolutely insane.

See more of Arians’ artwork @ His Flickr Page .

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