The Dennis Ziliotto Interview… Fantasies From Monselice

The Dennis Ziliotto Interview… Fantasies From Monselice

Taking great photographs is a difficult accomplishment in itself. But when an artist creates photographs that are combined with their own original visual creations, success becomes twice as hard. Dennis Ziliotto has a great talent for both. His body of work includes some great photographs from his travels around the world. You can see very easily from his photographs of both people, and places, that he brings an amazing eye….capturing very rich and bold images. But it was his series on “People” that really caught my interest. Ziliotto creates scenes with women in very unique masks, costumes, with a Horse (?), in different states of nudity and other oddities. The combinations called to mind a very Tim Burton-esque style….with a big punch of sexuality. It was time for Dennis Ziliotto to get in my Diary…

MD: Where are you from and how old are you?

DZ: I live in Northern Italy, in Monselice near Venice. I am 40 years old.

MD: What motivates you most?

DZ: Photographically speaking, the Quest for Perfect Photos.

MD: Horses are popular participants in your photos…Why?

DZ: I Love Horses…

MD: If you could read one persons Diary, who would it be and why?

DZ: Robert Capa’s diary to see if the photo of Militiaman killed in battle is real.

MD: Where do you find the women in your portraits?

DZ: First in my fantasies, and then, organizing a casting.

Dennis Ziliiotto

See more of Dennis Ziliotto’s work @ his Website

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