The Didier Massard Interview

For the first artist Featured in Dear Damn Diary, I chose someone that I would write about in my personal diary. I envisioned an artist whose vision and imagery reminded me of something I would see in my dreams and think about all day long. Didier Massard was just that artist.

Massard rose to success and notoriety in the world of Photography, as far back as 1975. Starting out as an assistant to Henri Langlois, he gained a most impressive commercial clientele, including Chanel, Vogue, Elle, Cartier, and many more. But Massard wanted something else, so he turned the page on his commercial career.

Around 10 years ago, Massard began working on his own dreamy projects. He wanted to travel the world and photograph the landscapes he dreamed of in far off places. He came to realize that these places did not look as he had imagined them. He decided to build these visions in models he would carefully craft in excruciating detail, and photograph them.

The results of his work was breathtaking and received with great success. He is credited with close to forty Exhibitions, including more than a dozen solo shows. His work can be viewed in public collections all over the world, including Lisbonne, Paris, Switzerland, and the United States. His Bibliography includes two published books dedicated to his works (Artifaces and Images by Didier Massard).

Massard sat down and answered some questions for Dear Damn Diary…

M.D.– What are the three topics on your mind most these days?

Didier Massard – Health, peace, inspiration. .

M.D. – What images do you remember most influencing you when you began taking photos and creating your style?

D.M.-There are no images that have specifically influenced me. My inspiration was – and still is – feed at the same time with literature, cinema, painting, music, etc…. and everyday life. I always had a special affection for the pioneers of animation and fantasy cinema ( Mélies, Lotte Reiniger, Karel Zeman, Raoul Servais, etc…)

M.D.– What worries you most and what makes you the happiest?

D.M. – Violence in all its forms, the degradation of our planet.
Art, as way of sharing emotions beyond time, culture and space.

M.D.– Who are the three people you are thinking about most these days?

D.M.– My wife, my daughter and my son.

M.D.- What advice would you give an artist starting out who wants to have the success you have achieved?

D.M.– Persevere and believe, without cheating.


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